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We are a leading company engaged in the manufacture, supply and export of Handmade Tote Bags, Laptop Bags, Sling Bags, Cushion Covers, Zipper Pouches and Accessories. These products are designed and manufactured under the supervision of professionals as per customer specifications and drawings. In addition, customers can make use of these products from us in beautiful designs, colours and stylish patterns as per their requirements. .

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About Us

We Fatfatiya Designs are the reputed firm, occupied in manufacturing and export of the finest quality products like Cushion Cover, all kind of bags, bedspreads and Accessories. The provided products are widely demanded by our clientele for their impeccable finish, smooth texture, mesmerizing pattern, attractive prints, and vibrant colors. Furthermore, the entire range of products is available in many eye-catching patterns and beautiful colors as per the demands of valuable patrons.

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Our Mission

By following a customer-centric approach, deliver the best prices, the best product quality and timely deliveries through innovation, quality control, consistency and commitment. 

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Our Products

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Tote Bags

Quilted Bedspreads 

Cushion Covers